ISIS holds data on the World Soil Reference Collection

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You may access:

  • Site data: 60 attributes on location, geology, landform, soil surface properties, hydrology, land-use, vegetation and climate
  • Soil data:
    • Soil profile description according to the FAO Guidelines
    • 100 physical, chemical and mineralogical attributes
    • Attributes for classification in the FAO-Unesco Legend (1974), the Revised FAO-Unesco Legend (1988), World Reference Base for Soil Resources, USDA Soil Taxonomy and a national classification system

The World Soil Reference Collection includes some 973 monoliths from over 70 countries with detailed soil profile and environmental data. The profiles in Africa and South America have been verified.

Although all countries are selectable, only the profile data for Africa and South America are accessible in this version. New profiles will be made accessible upon screening

Overview of soil profiles by region

Region N   Region N   Region N   Region N
Eastern Africa 114   Caribbean 30   Central Asia 1   Eastern Europe 67
Middle Africa 9   Central America 23   Eastern Asia 55   Northern Europe 59
Southern Africa 38   South America 113   Southern Asia 27   Southern Europe 58
Western Africa 61   Northern America 54   South Eastern Asia 89   Western Europe 91
Northern Africa    5   Australia and New Zealand 39   Western Asia 35      
      Polynesia 5